Pearl is involved in many humanitarian projects. She is passionate about raising awareness of issues that concerned people , their health and their environments.

Migrant children at the border of Thailand and Mynamar.
Capturing malaria education in Nowshera , Pakistan
Mother and daughter in Shoklo Malaria Research Unit, Wang Pha Clinic , Mae Sot , Thailand.
Water is precious in the outback regions of Indonesia. Atambua , Indonesia
Mae Sot, border of Thailand and Myanmar
A mother bathing a three-day-old baby in Shoklo Malaria Research Unit;
Wang Pha Clinic, Mae Sot , Thailand.
A young Yaws patient with his family in Nusa Tenggara Timor, Indonesia.

A mother and child living near the forest in Pailin, Cambodia.

Young malaria patient in the arms of her mother in Pailin, Cambodia
Child playing in impoverished Alor Island , Indonesia.
Francesca is a malaria patient in the Mebung Health Centre in Alor island, Indonesia.
This photo had won the 3rd Prize in the ” Care Category ” of the Swiss Malaria Photography Contest in 2017 and was exhibited in Rotonde du Mont-Blanc, Geneva
hosted by the City of Geneva, Switzerland.
Walking out of the Shadow : Leprosy in Bangladesh
One of the winning photographs in The Lancet Highlights Competition , December 2018.